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Giraffe Tour Details

2024 Tour Dates
April 6, May 11, June 15, October 26

Tour Time and Meeting Place
3 p.m. – Guests meet at lower Giraffe Overlook No. 2, the large viewing area at the lower end of the Giraffe habitat.
Minimum Age
6 years old – Children younger than 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult

Tour Overview
This tour usually ends around 4:15 p.m. and includes a meet and greet (that involves some backscratching) with the Zoo’s Red River Hogs, a tour of the Giraffe Barn, and two opportunities to feed the giraffes. One feeding takes place inside the barn. The other takes place outside the barn next to the giraffes’ paddock. Guests also learn some tidbits about giraffe anatomy and how keepers provide them with enrichment activities.

ADA Status
This tour is ADA accessible.

Important Health and Safety Restrictions

Safety Notes
To accommodate the needs of our staff and guests, we limit the size of the group attending this tour to 10 people. Guests are invited to feed the giraffes but should not attempt to touch or pet them. Guests must follow keeper and guide instructions on feeding the giraffes and should refrain from touching them, running, or making loud noises during their visit to the back areas. We want guests to enjoy these special experiences without stressing the giraffes.

Current Health Requirements
Guests are not currently required to wear masks or gloves to participate in this tour. However, the Zoo may need to implement some health measures (e.g., requiring guests to wear gloves) if new or more serious medical hazards emerge to threaten the well-being of our animals, guests, or staff. 

If we change the medical restrictions noted on the tour after selling tickets to the program, we will email ticketholders about these changes and will also report them in the following paragraph. Ticketholders who cannot accommodate these introduced changes can receive a full refund for their tour purchase or, if they prefer, may sign up for an alternate tour with acceptable health restrictions.

Original Health Requirements Are Unchanged
The Zoo Society has not adjusted any health requirements since first posting information on this tour.