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North Carolina Native Friends

Choose a neighborly adoption by selecting one of the animals that may share a nearby neighborhood.

The Eastern Cotton—or bunny, if you prefer—and Virginia Opossum (that's "possum with an "O") are out and about all year long. Both are common visitors to backyards and parks, as well as to meadows and other open areas.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird (the bright red patch only appears on adult males) visits North Carolina flowers and hummingbird feeders from Spring well into the Fall.

Our last native represents the states' most common rattelesnake, the Timber Rattlesnake (Sometimes called the"Canebrake Rattlesnake). Rattlesnakes live in forests and remain active in warm tempertures. When winter cools things off, rattlesnake head underground to hibernate in the company of other snakes, until warmer weather returns.